Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keeping Busy

There is nothing sadder or more pathetic than a hungry teenage boy/man. What no brownies-cookies or snacks? "So what it's 9 PM at night Mom- I'M HUNGRY!" He wanted banana muffins......

I put the boy to work peeling over ripe bananas- keeping the peels for compost and mashing for freezing baggies for future batches. Makes making muffins so much easier.

But this morning's baking was bread. Nothing is as good as warm,freshly baked bread with some strawberry jam I made over the summer and a hot cup of coffee...yum. The recipe is from Suzanne's Chicken in the Road blog.

What's this you ask? Why it's a homemade brownie base. I had made a batch before the holidays and well it was almost done- I live with some serious brownie addicts. Of course for the last week or so I was looking for the directions for the base as I can't for the life of me remember where I found it on the web :(. But cleaning my desk this morning- low and behold there was the slip of paper I wrote it down on. I made a recipe card for the box and an extra for the container......

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  1. That is so brilliant!!!! I'm utterly impressed!