Monday, June 28, 2010

Such a bad blogger

Been such an eventful year- been baking from scratch 95% of the time.
This summer we're going to learn to use a pressure canner to can tomatoes- if nothing else :)
Why just tomatoes and not sauce etc? Tomatoes are the base for the salsas the family loves and for making sauce- so I'd rather can 50 quarts of tomatoes and have the choice of what to do with them.
Tonight I'm going to Mary's house and we're going to learn the art of grilling pizzas- I'm so excited. Hense the link-want to make sure I'm not going to lose it.

I have been reading foodie blogs- lots of great links on the left....

Farmer's markets are opening here on the weekends <3 Lots of fresh goodies to be had.
Blueberries are everywhere cheap too- hense the making of muffins from Suzanne's basic mix from Chicken's in the Road...a sprinkling of sugar from Wilton and they look and more importantly taste just as good as any bakery- but half the size ( as they should be).

last night I was flipping stations and CNN had some show on MC DOnald's on- the part I saw and it was enough to turn my stomach is burger today are 200% BIGGER than the original size when they opened in the 1950's- we're not talking Big Mac- the regualr burger like Happy Meal size- no wonder this country has an obesity problem :(

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  1. Hi Kim :) You will really enjoy having those tomatoes canned for winter!