Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What we've been eating

Let me begin by saying- I can't believe how much our food bill has gone down since I started making more and more from scratch.The majority of my shopping now consists of meat- as little as possible- dairy and produce- lots of produce. Though not a vegetarian I've been trying to eat less of it. Mostly chicken and salmon now a days- some in my soups ...but you get the drift.Feels good to be skippig most of the aisles of the stores

I made this cute little loaf of bread on Sunday morning to go with the lasagna I made for dinner. We invited my parents up since they normally come take my monsters out to dinner on Mondays and they were calling for snow. It's the same Granmother's Bread from Chicken in the Road's blog only I added 1/4c parm cheese and 1 Tbs Italian herbs and baked it in one of those corning ware white dishes. Cute and oh so yummy

Yesterday's meal consisted of leftover lasgana-salad and bread for the kiddies and homemade cream of mushroom soup for the hubby and I. So so easy and I plan on trying different veggies in the future.

4c pureed cooked veggies
1c stock
2c milk or 1/2 and 1/2
seasonings to taste and depending on the veggie
1c chopped cooked veggie

We've had a gentle snowing all day- perfect for cooking. Tonights dinner is beef stew and biscuts. Unfortunatly it's those lame pillsbury ones. I have a couple of them and I want them OUT!

Our can along with Tigress is due this week and I "think" I found the PERFECT recipe for it. More on that Thurs or Fri when I actually attempt to make it. The ingredient of the month is carrot. And we have use the water bath medthod not pressure cooker. Wish me luck.

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